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Holiday Tetrebovac

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Holiday Tetrebovac

The lodge is in the direct vicinity of the river with a view on unusual beauty of emerald whirlpools in which the lush vegetation and rocky slopes that surround it are reflected...

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Fly Fishing Holiday In Europe • Fly Fishing Lodge • Fly Fishing Courses • Fly Fishing Guide Place Of True Beauty • National Park Canyon Gradac

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Fly fishing is a noble sport which rises fishing to perfection in every respect because in addition to common fishing experience you discover a multitude of Nature’s secrets and every learned secret is a new knowledge about life which fills you with new creative energy. Discover this multitude of secrets Gradac river has to offer. We will aid you in the quest of discovering the wonderful world of the Gradac river canyon. We will show you the best fishing spots where trophy wild trout can be caught. We offer assistance in choosing the most popular flies for a given time of year and day. Lodge Tetrebovac is well known to fishermen from all around Europe. It is located in the wilderness of the canyon near the river. The lodge can only be accessed by a terrain vehicle. We organize transportation through the canyon with jeeps. We offer a cozy accommodation with terraces that face the river, local gourmet specialties and wines. Terraces are favorite places for observing trout leaps and grey falcon in flight.

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river Gradac

The River Gradac The Gradac is located to the south of the city of Valjevo and is one of the tributaries of the river Kolubara. Due to its exquisite nature and diverse flora and fauna, Gradac has been declared an area of exceptional natural beauty and it has been awarded the “Green leaf” by the European congress of ecologists in Perugia. The river is 11 kilometres long and varies in width from 5 to 20 meters, with the average depth of 1 meter. In certain areas the river can get deeper that 2.5 meters.Chemically, the river Gradac is a salmonid water with an average temperature of 13C. The river is fed by multiple sources: Zelenac, Selen, Vizantinac, Prskavac, Studentac, Popovo vrelo and others.The Gradac runs through a canyon cut into limestone bedrock. There is a footpath that goes through the canyon and almost all places are accessible by foot. More accessible spots are ideal for fly fishing rookies, but also for the masters of fly fishing and long casts. In certain places the sheer rocky cliffs rise up to the height of 150 to 300 meters with the total fall of 187 meters. Above the cliffs there are rocky peaks from 500 to 1347 meters in height. The highest is Mount Povlen. Due to the Gradac’s specific mild and temperate microclimate, snow is practically non-existent in winter. The water level becomes appropriate for fishing by April and it provides good circumstance for dry fly fishing. Transparently clear and pure with fast rapids and deep pools, its emerald waters provide the perfect habitat for wild trout and grayling.

This is the reason why the Gradac is often the choice for the most passionate fly fishers from all around Europe and other continents.When it comes to fly fishing and Catch and Release fishing, the Gradac is one of the key rivers in Serbia and Europe. The use of barbless hooks is mandatory. It is ideal for both first-timers and expert fly fishers alike. Trophy wild specimen trout reach up to 70 centimetres in length. The most common catches are from 20 to 50 centimetres. Apart from trout, which is dominant, the Gradac is also populated by grayling, which grow up to 40cm. The river also has populations of freshwater crayfish, European bullhead, bleak, Phoxinellus alepidotus and in the middle part of the stream by gudgeon, common barbel and European chub.

Hatching insects
river Gradac

The river Gradac with its abundance of trout is a place of new inspiration for lovers of aquatic insects and Fly Tying masters. Due to the high quality of water in Gradac river, the multitude and diversity of insect larvae and nymphs in zoobenthos is easily noticeable. Common orders are: Ephemeroptera , Trichoptera, Plechoptera, Diptera, Coleoptera, Gammarus. Abundance in aquatic insects is always present since the swarming takes place throughout the whole year. Flies from the families Chironomide Hawthorne, Plechoptera Nemouridae and May fly Rhitrogena first start appearing in the beginning of April. Massive swarming of Trihoptera Caddisa, Dolophilodes, May fly Baetis, Rhitrogena Epeorus, Ecdyonurus begins in mid-April as the water-level stabilizes. Throughout the end of May and to the end of August, water flies May fly – Ephemera Danica, which are considered by many to be the most beautiful, are present. Great swarm clouds of Plechoptera Perlidae (Big stone fly) are present in the beginning of June, and the insects can be seen on the water up to the end of August. Throughout the summer, insects from the order Trichopteri: Rhyacophila fuscula, Banksiola, Hydropsyche, Neophilax and Caenis from the family Ephemeroptera are present in the evening hours. In addition to aquatic insects, land insects, such as grasshoppers, crickets, ants, wasps and other beetles comprise the trout’s menu and their imitations should be tried in August and September.

Flies for the river gradac

Flies we recommend for the Gradac river have a long tradition and guaranteed catch potential. Some flies have been modified with higher quality material in the pursuit of attaining better transparency, buoyancy and for the sake of experimenting, which is necessary for further development and fabrication of flies. The most popular flies for a given time of year can be purchased in “Tetrebovac” lodge, in addition to professional advisement from the great master of fly fishing, Sasa Bencun Roka.


The proof of their catch potential is a multitude of trophy specimens of trout, grayling and chub, in addition to awards in championships in Slovenia, Croatia, Norway and Germany from 2000. to 2011. Rokafly pro team best world companies: Regal, Textreme, Dohiku and Deer Creek.

Flyfishing Guide

Through our long standing experience and effort we strove to learn and understand the river Gradac. We are here to pass our knowledge and experience to you. We can aid you with choice of the most effective flies at that specific season and weather condition. After flyfishing projections, video analysis.We will try to improve your flyfishing technique so you can make a trophy trout catch. We guarantee you our maximal attention and patience. Enter the magical world of flyfishing with us and you will have good time and a guaranteed catch.

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Fly Fishing Adventure in the Gradac River Canyon

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