Our program is tailored with respect to the needs of our guests.  Every salmonid river is specific according to its chemical composition, water and air temperature, water flow, depth, transparence, configuration of the river bed and the surrounding terrain and aquatic insects. Trout and grayling are different from river to river hence the diet are selective when it comes to the selection of flies. All these factors influence the choice of swing technique, fly presentation and other parameters, which in turn guarantee your success. People who are well acquainted with fly fishing know that this form of sport fishing is a difficult but interesting.

Despite the skill you may have in fly fishing, it may happen that the fly you are using is not active at that given moment.  Then you have to switch the flies which wastes time, and if this happens every day, your vacation suffers. Sometimes a slight change in size of flies or length and width of leader and tippet can make all the difference. There may also be certain areas in the river where fish is hiding which you may not be able to find in a short time.  Through our long standing experience and effort we strove to learn and understand the river Gradac. We are here to pass our knowledge and experience to you. We can aid you with choice of the most effective flies at that specific season and weather condition.

 We will introduce you to the entomology of the aquatic insects of Gradac. In a short while you will be well acquainted with its shores and characteristics. We will try to improve your fly fishing technique so you can make a trophy catch. You’ll be safe with us in a risk-free environment. All of your trout and grayling catches will be photographed by a GoPro camera. We guarantee you our maximal attention and patience. As the length of the river is 11 kilometers, we can organize an off-road adventure with terrain vehicles you will always remember.  In order to provide maximal attention to all guests, the groups are limited. Enter the magical world of fly fishing with us and you will have good time and a guaranteed catch.

To experience the real adventure of adrenaline flyfishing and to you for the short time that staying lodge “Tetrebovac” saw and passed the entire course of the river, and for your safety the river is divided  into 5 sectors
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 to the source
 1.Sector lodge “Tetrebovac” to the source to the river Gradac.
 2.Sector lodge “Tetrebovac” first bridge downstream to the monastery Celia
 3.Sector (driving with jeeps) first bridge downstream to the monastery Celia third   bridge.
 4. Sector (driving with off-road vehicles) from Valjevo fishing upstream of HE Degurić to the third bridge.
 5.Sector (driving with off-road vehicles) from the city of Valjevo Wyatt Flifishing upstream to H.E.Deguric.

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