Fly Fishing School

Our school is the result of longtime hard work and experience. It has evolved by going through different phases of improvement and by implementing state-of-the-art methods of modern fly fishing. With our help, you will master the technique quickly and learn the basics: familiarizing with fly fishing gear, mechanics and control of casting a fly, guiding the fly, lifting the fly line,single haul,roll cast,wiggle cast,curves cast,double haul, from the surface of the water and other finesses which will help in making your fly fishing dream a reality.


Introductory and advanced courses:

·         Teaching in groups for the duration of three days with 6 classes
           (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Maximum size of the group is 9.

·         Individual training: the date and time of the classes are determined in accordance with the student’s wishes.
.         Video projections and analysis of participants
·         Certificates of completion and awards for the best students.
·         Fly fishing gear is available for students who do not have their own.
·         The dates must be appointed at least 10 days before the begging of the course.

Have a wonderful time with our top instructors who will introduce you to the secrets of fly fishing. In a very short time span you will learn the basic rules at tying flies and using the tools and materials in fly making. With this ten class course, you will be able to make the masterpiece flies yourself. The dates must be set at least 10 days before the course can commence. We are happy to provide all the necessary tools and materials for the fabrication of flies.

A Course Fly Tying

Unlimited fun with our top Rokafly instructor who will reveal the secrets of fly fishing. In a very short time you will learn the basic rules of binding flies, introduction to tools and materials for flytyer . Be sure that you get with this course you will be trained and security that you create flies. With a fund of 10 hours you will be ready to create small masterpieces! Appointments are scheduled at least 10 days before the course starts. We have tried to provide you with the necessary tools and materials for fly tying.The most frequently used materials for flytying are the famous Italian companies TEXTREME, which is one of the leaders in the world.

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